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Xiaomi Mijia iHealth Digital Infrared Thermometer

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    • Mijia iHealth thermometer
    • One second speed measurement / non-contact measurement / Germany sensor / LED screen clear reading

    • Align the forehead center, one can measure body temperature
    • 1 second speed test, accurate to 0.1 ℃ scale value

    • When our body temperature exceeds the normal body temperature (36 ℃ -37.4 ℃) when the maximum known as fever.
    • Mercury thermometer to measure body temperature need to wait for more than 5 minutes, the use of rice iHealth thermometer, just press the forehead press the measurement key, wait for a second to read the results.
    • Not only measured and quasi-fast, you can immediately carry out the next measurement.


    • Measured accurately, built-in German thermopile sensor
    • Mijia iHealth thermometer built-in German thermopile sensor, through the accurate identification of human body surface distribution of infrared light temperature measurement.
    • Press the measurement key for one second, the Mijia iHealth thermometer will carry out 100 data acquisition, and use a professional algorithm for processing to ensure that the temperature measured accurately.

    • The accuracy of the measurement is certified by the authority
    • Mijia iHeatlh thermometer after thousands of repeatability testing, clinical testing, laboratory blackbody test, accuracy by CFDA certification *.
    • Manufacturers have 16 years of professional manufacturing experience, to meet the ISO13485 and MDSAP medical equipment production professional certification requirements.
    • Non-contact design, the use of more security and health
    • Just aiming at the forehead, without touching the skin, the whole family more people share more safe and hygienic.15.5 ° comfortable grip, self-test he measured are convenient15.5 ° angle design, the best measurement angle, to the greatest extent possible to avoid misuse.

    • Instructions for use:
    • The thermometer probe aimed at the forehead center, and keep the distance within 3cm (the thickness of the adult index finger for the best distance), do not direct contact with the forehead.
    • Tap the Measure key "to start the measurement.
    • After the measurement is successful, the fuselage will vibrate, the screen will show the reading; the measurement fails the fuselage does not shake, the screen displays "- - - ° C"


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